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What to consider when choosing your wedding venue

What to consider when choosing your wedding venue

Wedding venue with lake and fairy lights

Planning a wedding sounds really exciting when flicking through bridal magazines and scrolling through real weddings for inspiration. The reality can be a little more daunting when final decisions need to be made, deposits paid, and contracts signed.

So how do you choose a wedding venue and feel confident you’ve made the right decision?

We’ve put together a few points to remember when you’re weighing up your options. So when you find “the” venue, you’ll know it will be perfect for the wedding you want.

Does it fit with your vision as well as your budget?

With wedding venues accounting for around 50% of the average Australian wedding, you must ensure the venue fits your vision of the day without pushing you into unforeseen debt. Deciding on the figure you’re willing to spend may help narrow potential options.

Does it have the right amenities? 

Don’t assume the perfect-looking venue will include everything your guests need to have an amazing time. Simple things like the number of toilets, baby changing areas, or wheelchair access could mean a venue option won’t work.

Is it the right size for your guest list? 

Keep your guest list in mind when scoping out venues. No point in falling in love with a converted barn that can house 250 guests if your list only has 50 people on it.

Wedding marquee seating arrangement

Sit down meal or canapés?

Will you have guests mingling all night with canapes flowing from the kitchen or a more formal dinner with seating plans? Either way, you need to know which venues are more suited to which style of the evening. A rustic barn may not have full kitchen facilities needed for a sit-down meal but would look great with high tables full of canapes and a DIY dessert bar.

What’s included or not included? 

Some venues will include everything your wedding needs to run smoothly. Others will provide the basics, and you will be expected to arrange the rest. While both have their merits, you need to be clear from the beginning so you can still budget for the extras. you will need to buy or hire.

Even if the venue says they provide everything, will it fit with your wedding theme? Ask about their policy on using outside suppliers, as some may have a preferred list of providers to be used.

In case of emergency…

It’s always good to have a backup plan, just in case something doesn’t go quite right. Check with your potential venue about what contingency options they’d be able to provide in cases like wet weather or power outages. And then cross your fingers that you won’t need to use them! 

Why not BYOM (bring your own marquee) or, better yet, ours!

If you haven’t been able to find a venue that ticks all your boxes, maybe you should think outside the box and create your own venue. With so many beautiful locations across the NSW coastline, a marquee wedding is a perfect way to create an exceptional event. There’s something about a wedding marquee that elevates the celebration.

Consider how South Coast Party Hire can help you every step of the way

Your ideal wedding venue will largely depend on your personal taste and how you want your wedding to look. But if you’re still struggling to know what that might be, check out the range of wedding planning resources and find our wedding venue and vendor booklet.

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