The General Qs

Most frequent questions and answers

What is your COVID-19 Policy

We want to ensure that all our clients feel secure in booking with us so we would like to reassure you of what would happen should COVID prevent you from going ahead with your plans (we have everything crossed that things are smooth sailing!)
If you have to change your plans due to COVID we will be happy to postpone your booking and transfer any deposit you have paid to your new selected date (subject to date and stock availability). If you do not have a date and would like to wait then this is also no issue as we will have no end date on when you can use the deposit so you can rest assured you will not lose anything. When you select your new date if there is any price changes (we do increase our prices annually) these will be applicable.
We don’t have any restrictions on rebooking regarding certain days of the week- you can reschedule your event to any day pending stock availability.
**Please keep in mind we are fully booked in October 2021 and near capacity for November 2021 so if you need to reschedule it is unlikely we could accommodate dates in these months**
Our standard terms and conditions for bookings are still in place and as such we are not able to refund deposits.


Look, we didn’t come down in the last shower. We know there are other event hire companies out there that you could engage! So what is it that sets us apart from the rest?

It all comes back to that word; ‘multidimensional’.

We don’t just deliver your event equipment on the day, pat ourselves on the back and head home for a beer. We proudly and passionately ensure event success through our end-to-end approach to event design and hire.

Our team of highly experienced event professionals will meet with you, scope out your site, offer recommendations, exceed your expectations and above all, become your friend. If something ‘can’t’ be done, we see that as an invitation to make it happen.

From the first point of contact to long after your event is over, you’ll feel a sense of personal loyalty, commitment and integrity from each and every team member. We’ll give you the shirt off our back (literally, we’ve done it before to clean a product on event day) to make the event everything you had imagined.

When we combine our quality equipment with our quality service, well, we like to say it’s a show stopper.

But don’t you just do weddings?

While we’re very good at helping couples plan their wedding day, this is just the beginning of our offering at SCPH. We deliver unforgettable event experiences to huge music festivals, large scale affairs, glitzy parties, corporate shindigs, casual gatherings, and anything else you may be organising in the future. Bring your big (or small) ideas to us and our helpful and creative team will bring them to life!

Can’t I just do it myself?

Of course you can, you clever cookie! We know there are people out there with big creative muscles they’re just yearning to flex. And we get it! As creative people ourselves, we know how exciting it can be to bring a big, beautiful event to life (we’ve made it our life’s work afterall). But imagine bringing those insanely creative ideas (pampas grass, black marquee, rose gold cutlery and all) to a team who can confidently bring it to life with you (slash FOR you) – minus the heavy lifting, the cost comparisons, the arguing with your spouse (or overly enthusiastic sister) that you would have had to manage without us. 

The Nitty Gritty Qs

Most frequent questions and answers

Do you charge a bond?

Look. We trust you! But things can go wrong (looking at aunty Susan who is known for spilling her ‘grape juice’ once the d-floor gets pumping). Depending on what you hire there will either be a refundable bond of $500 require or a credit card is required for security prior to delivery or pickup. Our team will let you know which is required.

When will my order be delivered and picked up?

For weekend orders, we generally aim to deliver on Friday and pickup on the following Monday. But of course, each week is different, so it may depend on our delivery and pickup schedule. But we’ll be sure to let you know at least a week prior to your event. 


Our hire prices are based on one day hire, if you require the items for more than one day due to a multiple day event please let us know. 


OH AND, there’s no additional charge for having the items from Friday to Monday (woohoo) should we not require the items to be returned. 

If you require your items at a different time, please give us a call and we can organise a different delivery time.

Do I have to return all items washed?

We kindly ask that all goods (except linen) are returned to us in the same manner in which they were hired out. A cleaning fee will be incurred should the items be returned dirty.

Can you erect a marquee on a hard surface?

Why yes, you can! Instead of using pegs to drive into the soft ground we would use leg weights. Due to the extra labour involved there are extra charges, so be sure to bring this up with us if that’s the way you plan to go.

Does the marquee come with walls?

They certainly do! Our Pagodas have the option of white walls and our Hocker Pavilions have the option of white or clear walls.

Do you take a deposit?

Great question! Yes, we take a deposit of 30% before commencing any work to ensure your booking is locked and loaded in advance. How’s that for peace of mind?

What happens after I book?

Woohoo, the most exciting part! Once you have booked with us, one of our friendly team members will be in touch to lock everything in and clarify any details that we may not have discussed yet. Following on from that, we basically become your wingman for all things event hire and design. We’ll not only organise all the products you require on the day, we’ll also help you with your floor plan and guide you through the process from A-Z. We even share all our vendor recommendations and and offer our advice when things aren’t running as smoothly as you like. 

Can I pick the items up myself?

Of course you can! But it will depend on the size of the order and your capacity to transport the items – so just let us know. 

We simply ask that you provide a photocopy of your license and credit card for security. 

You can pick your equipment up from our warehouse, located at 5 Casuarina Street, Oak Flats, NSW 2529. 

How much will my delivery cost be?

That all depends on the day of the week you require the delivery, your event location and the ease of access to the site. But let’s chat about that here and we can give you an exact amount dependant on your circumstances.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! South Coast Party Hire holds a Public Liability Policy. We would be happy to provide a copy of the Certificate of Currency, just ask!

What are the payment methods?

Great question! We accept cash on delivery, direct deposit or credit card payments 7 days prior to delivery.

Do you have a minimum amount we need to spend to hire from you?

If you require delivery and pickup we do have a minimum hire on our equipment of $700. Delivery and pickup is charged in addition to the hire equipment costs.

If you would like to dry hire you are very welcome to collect and return from our warehouse- we have a $500 minimum spend when you choose to collect and return from our warehouse. We are open Monday to Friday from 9am – 330pm for collections and returns.

What size marquee will I need for my event?

There are a few things to consider to determine what marquee you’ll need for game day! Let’s take a closer look:


  1. The available space for your marquee – How big is the area? How easy is it to access? What else will be surrounding it?
  2. Your guest numbers – This is super important (for many reasons). Decide how many guests you’ll be having and give us a heads up (don’t forget the bridal party if you are organising a wedding).
  3. The style of your function – Will it be standing/cocktail style or seated? If you decide on seated you’ll then need to decide if you’ll seat people at round or long tables.
  4. The dance floor – Do you plan on having a boogie at your event? Consider if you would like to have room for a dance floor (to be honest, who wouldn’t?)
  5. The Bridal table – if you’re organising a wedding, decide if you would like a bridal table so that can be factored into the setup and size of the marquee.
  6. Catering – if you’re having a banquet style function then extra room will be needed for the banquet tables. Speak to your caterer about what they suggest for your function. Don’t have a caterer yet? All good, we can offer you some recommendations!


We LOVE offering our recommendations to make your event a hit! Contact us to talk through your event and we will let you know the best size for your requirements.