Graceful Monochrome Dining Package



A classic, monochrome style including:

  • Inkwash timber table
  • Wishbone dining chairs
  • Premium wine glasses
  • Premium low tumblers
  • Bogart main knife & fork & dessert spoon
  • 100% French linen napkins in White with Sage Trim
  • White Coupe main & dessert plates


With the option to choose your napkin colour, you can curate a setting that suits your style perfectly!

*price is per person, minimum 10 people, conditions apply


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White, Charcoal, Grey, Natural, Sage, Lemon, Powder Blue, Pink Lavender, Terracotta, Rosewater, Mocha Scalloped Trim, White Scalloped Trim, Black Trim, Lavender Trim, Sage Trim