It is important to consider the following when trying to decide which size marquee will suit your event:

 Guest numbers: Decide how many guests (inc the bridal party if you are organising a wedding)

 Style of function: Decide what style of function you will have- standing/cocktail style or seated. If you decide on seated you will then need to decide if you will seat people at round or long tables

 Dance floor: Consider if you would like to have room for a dance floor

 Bridal table: If you are organising a wedding decide if you would like a bridal table

 Catering: If you are having a buffet style function then extra room will be needed for the buffet tables. Speak to your caterer about what they suggest for your function.

See our Seating Capacity Guide PDF for details of how many guests can fit into different size marquees for different event styles . Keep in mind these are very economical seating guides so if you are having a wedding or need a dance floor etc you may want to consider increasing the size of the marquee. Feel free to contact us for a free floor plan and quote for the right size marquee for your next event!