Wedding planning resources

This isn’t our first rodeo so you can rest assured that SCPH have a large library of wedding planning resources that will save you time. Get access to wedding planning tips, vendor information, mood boards and brochures to help you plan your dream wedding.

Vendors & venues we love

Love the south coast but not sure where to start planning a wedding here? Well enter our Vendors and Venue planning sidekick! Showcasing all the amazing venues and equally amazing vendors this list will give you a head start on the best of the best on the South Coast.

Equipment & furniture hire checklist

Planning a DIY wedding can be very overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be (especially if you have us on board!). This handy checklist will get you thinking about all the different equipment you will need to hire for your wedding (you are welcome!).

Wedding runsheet sample

Timing is everything! With our sample run sheet it will give you a head start on how to plan the running of your big day! Getting the timing right is so important so take the time to ensure you have a detailed run sheet and your vendors are all looped in!