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South Coast Party Hire – Our Story

The South Coast Party Hire Story

South Coast Party Hire Team

For those of you who don’t know much about South Coast Party Hire – let us take you back to 12 years ago when weddings and events were not so much a big part of Erin and Nathan’s everyday life. ⁠⁠

South Coast Party Hire was their brainchild – a dream they had so that they could live a comfortable life together without the hustle and bustle of the Sydney lifestyle that they had both grown up with. They knuckled down, saved their money, and started their business – not knowing where it would go or whether it would work out.

That was 2009.⁠

⁠Fast forward to today, Erin and Nathan have created a successful small business with a brand that is known throughout the south coast and beyond. When you dive deep into South Coast Party Hire, you find that we are more than just a hire company, we are a community that lives and breathes our values in everything we do.  A lot of time and consideration went into who we are and today we are excited to share this with you. 

Our Why

To elevate and enlighten others so we can all grow, learn and become extraordinary

Our Values

Do the right thing even when no one is looking

This value speaks to the trust we have in each other as a team and the trust we ask our clients to place in us- we will always do our best each and every day no matter what!

From the first point of contact to long after their event is over, our customers feel a sense of personal loyalty, commitment, and integrity from each and every team member. ⁠We will give our clients the shirt off our back (literally, we’ve done it before to clean a product on event day) to ensure the event is everything they had imagined. ⁠

Connect with others in meaningful ways

Building authentic connections with our clients and being genuinely interested in their stories is key to the success of this business.

This extends to our crew, ensuring that they are challenged and supported daily, our connection with our team is paramount as they are the backbone of our business.  When you engage with our team, you can expect impeccable customer service. Our down-to-earth team will make you feel like you have made a new friend, leaving you walking away feeling like part of the family. ⁠

Be a champion and enjoy seeing others soar

Supporting each other through celebrating each other’s success is what we are all about! Our team are committed to their own personal growth, the growth of the business and to the growth of their teammates. We celebrate our own and each other’s successes!

To finish each day with a true sense of accomplishment

Our team get such an incredible buzz from creating your event. The true sense of accomplishment we all receive from bringing together an event set up for a client from our office team to our warehouse and site crews is incredible! It is what we live for. We handle our client’s events with finesse, precision, and a big foundation of true care. ⁠When we combine our quality equipment with our quality service, well, we like to say it’s a show stopper! ⁠ 

Set the standard, push the boundary

South Coast Party Hire goes above and beyond the traditional idea of what an ‘event hire’ company might look like, by delivering a fully dimensional service – from impeccable infrastructure and finishings to setting the perfect scene and every touchpoint and timeline planned to a T. 

We don’t simply drop off your product. Our team of highly experienced event professionals will meet with you, scope out your site, offer their recommendations, exceed your expectations and above all, become your friend. If something can’t be done, we see that as an invitation to make it happen.

Erin xx  ⁠

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