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Don’t forget to do these 5 things after your wedding

Don't forget to do these 5 things after your wedding

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So your wedding day is over. The excitement, laughter, tears, joy and bliss of your big day are now behind you, as is the busy wedding planning stage.

Now is the time to relax and enjoy your early days as newlyweds, be it heading off on your much-anticipated honeymoon, moving into a new home or simply taking it all in as you head back to work.

First, though, there are a few items you need to tick off your post-wedding checklist.

Have your wedding dress dry cleaned

First things first, your wedding dress is an often-expensive wedding day investment, and caring for it beyond your nuptials is important, whether you intend to keep it or sell it.

Find a dry cleaner that has specific expertise in wedding dresses, and has a long list of happy customer reviews to prove it. Dry cleaning a wedding dress isn’t like cleaning a doona, and the utmost care has to be taken. After you pick up your newly cleaned wedding dress, store it carefully and securely, away from the elements, pests, smells or anything that could lead to damage.

Freeze leftover wedding cake

The likelihood is you may have some wedding cake leftover from your big day. It’s important to freeze it as soon as you can, whether you intend to consume it later or to keep it as a memento of your nuptials to eat on your first wedding anniversary – as many newlyweds do!

There is an art to freezing wedding cake. Firstly chill it in the fridge. Then, cut it up into slices and wrap each slice tightly in multiple layers of cling wrap. Finally, store in zip lock bags. Most wedding cakes are high-quality and can be frozen and then consumed for up to a year.

Thank you note

Send thank you notes

Thank you notes aren’t antiquated. They are a beautiful personalised touch your guests will appreciate in an age of online communications.

Purchase high-quality (or even custom) thank you notes, and write each guest a brief note to express your gratitude for them celebrating your big day with you. Then post them out – everyone loves receiving actual letters!

Pressed for time? A phone call or personalised email also goes a long way when thanking guests.

Leave a review for vendors

You may have used just one vendor, or many, to help stage your big day. It’s important to leave a review for each, not only to support small businesses but to help others who may be planning their own weddings. Caterers, party hire companies, wedding dress designers, florists, live entertainment – make sure to leave a thoughtful review for each, especially if they outdid themselves!

If you are unhappy with one tiny aspect of an otherwise fantastic customer experience, think before you post. Many small businesses have been hit hard in recent years and many small aspects can be remedied without damaging a business with an online review. Most vendors welcome feedback so they can continuously improve their services. Sending a nicely worded email filled with your feedback will be well-received and leave the relationship intact.

Relax and enjoy being a newlywed

Last but not least, enjoy the bliss of being a newlywed – you have earned it! So many exciting times await you – the wedding was just one of the many joys of marriage. 

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