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Wedding furniture and equipment hire checklist

Wedding furniture and equipment hire checklist

Wedding equipment and furniture set up in barn

Unless you are someone who organises events for a living, taking on the task of planning a wedding is a huuuuuge undertaking!

Surrounding yourself with expert vendors who know their stuff is step number one to creating an exceptional event where the experience and lead-up is full of fun and excitement.

Enter US! Event infrastructure (or in layman’s terms hire equipment) is our specialty. It is our bread and butter so let us take care of this process for you and be your side-kick every step of the way.

So what do I need to hire then smarty pants?

Ok so here we go – no need to take notes as we have created a handy little PDF download to start working through after you have digested this!

  1. Reception furniture – seems obvious enough but these pieces will become the focal point of your event so super important to get these locked in. Gone are the days of white table cloths and chair covers so making sure the furniture is on point with your styling is a top priority. Depending on if you are having a seated or cocktail style setup we can assist you with furniture selection to ensure it is consistent with your style and guest numbers.
  1. Tableware – plates, cutlery, glassware, serving ware – the list goes on. Much of this decision is based on your menu selections and service style but fear not we will liaise with your caterer on your behalf to ensure this is all covered. We have so many options to choose from here too!
  1. Linen – napkins and table cloths (if this is the style you are going for) can’t be forgotten. Again these can be just a standard option or you can choose to bring in some colour with amazing french linen napkins in a variety of colours!

  2. Bar & bar equipment – all too often this is one people forget. If you don’t have a rockin caravan bar and are opting to have your caterer man the bar then this is essential! Additional glassware, bar trays, and the bar itself (which we have so many statement bars to choose from!) are all essential for keeping the party going.

  3. Ceremony furniture – are you reusing and repurposing the reception chairs or do you have a completely different look for the ceremony? If so, don’t forget to ensure you have organised at the very least chairs for the ceremony and maybe also an arbour and aisle runner.

  4. Lighting – totally underrated but can honestly make your event! Lighting doesn’t have to be super exxy. Festoons on poles in your outdoor area can really make for such an incredible ambience in the latter part of the evening. If you are having a marquee then the lighting can fill the space and work in with the styling.

So when do I need to organise my hire equipment?

Honestly, there is no exact answer to this question only that it is key to remember that no hire company has an endless supply of their equipment. What this means is that they do book out of certain pieces (especially the popular ones!) well in advance.

Our advice is that if you know you need equipment, book it. Ask your vendor about the flexibility in making changes to the order if you change your mind and want to completely flip your styling on its head down the track. It is better to have something booked and request a change than attempt to book too late and have to settle for something you just don’t love.

Now do yourself a favour and download our Wedding Furniture Hire Checklist and make sure you have everything you need.

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