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How to style your wedding: Top tips from NSW South Coast wedding stylists

How to style your wedding: Top tips from NSW South Coast wedding stylists

Wedding styling

You’ve got a Pinterest board full of images, but how do you take what you love and turn it into a stylish and cohesive wedding ceremony and reception space? That’s where a wedding stylist can help.

We work with many fantastic wedding stylists on the NSW South Coast and have asked each of them to give us tips on how to style your wedding. See what they say and get inspired below!

Pia and Jade wedding styling
Image courtesy of Photos by Jack Henry, styling by Pia and Jade

Pia + Jade

Choose a stylist/florist whose work you love

Each creative has their own style, so you will get the best outcome with them feeling comfortable in what they do and trusting them to execute your brief and create magic for you. 

Decide your top three essential things for the day

Put your budget towards those; don’t scrimp on what will bring you the most happiness. There really is no rule book with weddings, so try not to get caught up on what others have done or what friends/family say you “have to do”. Do what makes you happy and represents you both perfectly. 

Be considerate of vendors and their pricing

Some quotes may come back higher than what you expect, and that doesn’t mean we are ripping you off “because of the word Wedding”; each business will have its own various overheads or use different materials, which contribute to their costs. Chat with your vendors and ask them what they recommend to bring the quote down or how to get the most out of your budget. For us, florals can be scaled back in size, we can advise what focal points are best to allocate florals and styling to, or ceremony arrangements can be moved to the reception. 

Lovestoned styling wedding setup
Image courtesy of Eddie Blake from Ripple Weddings, styling by Lovestoned Styling

Lovestoned Styling

Always consider your aisle length

Are mum and dad walking you down the aisle or just one of them? This is often forgotten, but telling us who’s walking you down the aisle can determine the width of the aisle and the types of rugs chosen. We want to ensure that you are getting the moment you deserve but also not feeling too cramped and that everyone at the back and your photographers can also see what’s going on and capture your day. 

Will you have sharing plates or alternating meals?

Many couples don’t realise how your food is served plays such a massive part in us styling up the tables and the amount of decor that is or isn’t needed.  And if they know what they have, they can also look for inspo and save images based on similar setups. For example, a couple gives us pictures of a table covered in candles, but they tell us they are having shared food, which makes it more challenging for us to execute and pull off that look. Another thing to consider is the size of their tables. Most venues that are also restaurants only cater to 75cm wide. This means you may have a few single candles standing alone and small, thin vases holding single stem flowers. Not as luxe as they may have wanted… 

Not every venue will cater to your styling requests

We see this a lot with candles. So often, couples won’t ask their venues this or read the fine print when it comes to candles. As stylists, we always check with your venue to see if we are allowed, and more often than not, we have worked at the venue before. But on many occasions, couples want bare candles and candle sticks, and if the venue doesn’t allow open flame, we have to enclose them. The effect isn’t the same, and this also adds quite a lot more $$ to the final cost. 

Wedding aisle styled by Be Designed
Image courtesy of The Evoke Company, styling by Be Designed

Be Designed

Enjoy the process, and don’t let the stress overcome you

I know it’s hard in the world we live in now but put that behind you and focus on planning the wedding you always dreamed of. Don’t be afraid to ask for help- put your event in the hands of good professionals, find the right people to communicate your vision for the day and leave them to do what they do best! A positive outlook and trusting a team of amazing vendors is the recipe for a fantastic event.

Put yourself and your partner first

After all, it’s your day, do it your way. There are no rules around weddings; you do you! Some of our best weddings have been created when the couple has allowed us to create a wedding that truly resonates with their own sense of style. Stick to what feels authentic to you instead of what is traditional or expected. Your wedding should be an expression of your unique style and journey together.

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