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Why a winter wedding could be perfect for you

Why a winter wedding could be perfect for you

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Getting married?

Why not a winter wedding?

Most likely you are pulling a ‘really’ face right now…after all who would want to get married in winter – time for Netflix not weddings!

Most brides instinctively want a spring or summer wedding – the time of renewal and flowers and love…long sunny days…seriously perfect

But is it?

Have you considered that in winter you are more likely to have

  • stable weather
  • more booking options
  • better value wedding packages
  • and….so many more dress options!

I see I have your attention now so let’s look at this seriously.

Of course the weather is going to be cold but because that is a given, you can really be more glamorous and opulent in your dress selection. So many different inspired options to create the exact style you have always dreamed about.

And on the day you can be sure that your efforts with the hairdresser and makeup artist will be rewarded…hair and makeup is likely to still look, at the end of the day, as it did at the beginning, something which is guaranteed to not happen on a hot sunny day.

Those happy snaps that your friends take of you when you are not looking and post on Facebook will look just as gorgeous as the official photos.

Now isn’t that something to really think about!

Ok…I can hear you thinking…but what about the actual wedding location – ‘I’ve always wanted an outdoor marquee wedding‘. 

Well of course you can still do that and there are many lovely destinations to consider and the South Coast offers so many.

The incredible beauty of the location is magical and as a backdrop to your winter wedding your photos will have that ‘wow’ factor.

Think a combination of ocean waves and sparkling white beaches, green rolling hills, vineyards, and the magical escarpment in the background. Add stunning colours at sunrise and…I guess you get the picture.

Another benefit is that its not too far from Sydney, so you can include a number of lovely weekend getaways with your fiance to organise the specifics which makes it kinda special.

In winter you can design a romantic getaway wedding…can you see it?…the stunning marquee decorated sumptuously in winter flowers, sparkling chandeliers, fire pits, throw rugs and warmed mulled wine.

the wedding of the year because it will be so different from all the other spring and summer weddings that your friends will be attending…plan your day to ooze elegance and sophistication.

Finally whilst it is not possible to remove all the stress of planning a wedding, you will find that stress significantly reduced – fewer weddings means less competition and more creative winter packages from your vendors that will make your special day perfect. 

Pick a date in winter and be the bride that was brave enough to be different.

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